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Can you truly drink your way to weight loss? The answer is yes. In North America, we consume nearly 1/3 of calories in liquid form. It is challenging to imagine. But think go back over what you have experienced to drink over the last twenty four hours. I bet very little of computer had low or no calories. But that’s okay. This article will present you with 5 solutions of how much water to drink a day to lose weight fast :

5 Ways to Drink Your Way to Weight Loss

  1. No more alcohol. There are 120 calories in one glass of red wine, one rum and coke and 130 in the bottle of light beer. Imagine how many calories you drink on the Saturday night. If you are seriously interested in weight-loss, you need to be set on not drinking until excess fat is in order and even then, you should only drink moderately.
  2. Give up at least 1 caffeinated beverage daily. As a culture, we have been dehydrated. Caffeine can be a large part of this because it is a diuretic, which attracts water out of your body. When we are dehydrated, our own bodies collects excess water and stores it in a very protective layer, adding weight to your body. Giving up one caffeinated beverage every day can help you be a little more hydrated and assist you to lose that weight.
  3. Drink 8-10 servings of water daily. This has been the recommendation for decades but no-one does it. As stated above, we have been dehydrated and you have to drink more water to assist one’s body shed that protective layer it has accumulated. Drinking enough water will also help your metabolism be a little more efficient and use up more calories, letting you slim down. Drink a glass of water before every meal. Take a water bottle together with you where you go in order to sip for hours on end. In no time you should have comprised those 8-10 glasses.
  4. Replace juice with water. This will allow you to to realize and eliminate calories from the diet at the same time. If you miss the tastes of juice, try adding Crystal Light or iced tea flavoring to your water – you can aquire it at the local food store also it comes in extremely low calorie packets.
  5. Make and drink smoothies. If you make it in your house, it is possible to control the calorie content plus it is a great way to have a quick or out and about breakfast or snack. It will likely help you get your everyday recommended servings of fruit and veggies. To make it easy and quick, buy flash frozen fruit from the freezer area of your supermarket, give a little yogurt, water and/or low-calorie veggie juice and you also are on your way.

Whoever thought it may be as simple as whatever you drink? But it is. Change your drinking habits and view the extra weight begin to fall off.

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